Tips for Storing RVs and Boats

Here are some tips and storage suggestions that we think will be helpful.

  1. Read owners manual for engine, lp gas, generator, water heater and sanitation system storage.
  2. Discard all perishable food from cabinets and refrigerator
  3. Turn off refrigerator
  4. Leave refrigerator door open and clean inside.
  5. Clean air conditioner filters and cover the outside unit
  6. Pull shades, blinds and clean inside of RV
  7. Turn off Propane Cylinders.
  8. Close all roof vents and windows.
  9. Place chemical Dehumidifiers inside to prevent condensation.
  10. Check tire pressure and cover tires from sun.
  11. Remove batteries and store inside or at home with a trickle charger.
  12. Motor homes check all fluids and fill gas tank. Add fuel stabilizer.
  13. Rinse holding tanks. Winter release any pressure on water lines by leaving open valves.
  14. Take pictures of RV inside and out for insurance purposes.

Tips for Boat Storage

  1. A good quality boat cover is a must. Easy to get on and off and will last for years. Make sure it is tight so water will not collect.
  2. Clean and wax your boat to stop oxidizing
  3. Cover the tires with tire covers to protect from sun.
  4. Grease wheel bearings
  5. Place a good quality trailer lock on the trailer.
  6. Winterize you boat in cold winter storage.
  7. Add fuel stabilizer with a full tank of gas.
  8. Take pictures of your boat inside and out for insurance purposes.